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Binbucks (BINB) is a utility token deployed on Binance Smart Chain (BSC BEP-20). BINB tokens are able to be traded on the market and used for payment transactions on platform. Binbucks platform's main purpose is for users to profit from their creativity through their content.

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How To Buy

Using MetaMask Wallet

Using Trust Wallet on PancakeSwap

BINB Platform Exchanges

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5% Reflection

Holders of BINB tokens will passively receive BINB tokens which are air dropped directly into their wallets. Simply hold BINB and you will see your BINB balance in your wallet grow over time.

Reflection Earnings

5% Liquidity Pool

Every trade contributes towards the liquidity pools for pancakeswap and trading exchanges where BINB will be listed.

Add To BINB Liquidity Pool

Token Burn

BINB will be periodically burning tokens throughout the life of the token to benefit the long term holders.

Burn Data

LP Tokens Locked

A liquidity locker allows the developer to lock the LP tokens in the smart contract, revoking their permission to move the LP from the start date.



More to come as we get frequently asked questions.

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