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Binbucks (BINB) is a utility token deployed on Binance Smart Chain (BSC BEP-20). BINB tokens are able to be traded on the market and used for an alternative payment method for advertisers and publishers on the Binbucks platform.

By allowing the collaboration of our strong platform, that has been around since 2014, our users and our BINB token investors ($BINB family) has a great future for many years to come. Our focus is not only having our token become a top stable token, but also provide the best profit to all of our BINB holders. As a holder, 5% of every transaction value that is completed, is distributed to every holder of $BINB. This is all done instantly by redistributing the rewards to holders in real-time directly into the holder's wallet. By simply just holding BINB into your wallet you will see your BINB balance grow over time.

As Binbucks takes into consideration all of our bearish and bullish markets, we set up a burn wallet to assist with protecting all of our BINB investors while they are holding. We want all of our investors to be profiting and bringing profit to themselves while stabilizing BINB token.

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How To Buy

Using MetaMask Wallet

Using Trust Wallet on PancakeSwap

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5% Reflection

Holders of BINB tokens will passively receive BINB tokens which are air dropped directly into their wallets. Simply hold BINB and you will see your BINB balance in your wallet grow over time.

Reflection Earnings

5% Liquidity Pool

Every trade contributes towards the liquidity pools for pancakeswap and trading exchanges where BINB will be listed.

Add To BINB Liquidity Pool

Token Burn

BINB will be periodically burning tokens throughout the life of the token to benefit the long term holders.

Burn Data

LP Tokens Locked

A liquidity locker allows the developer to lock the LP tokens in the smart contract, revoking their permission to move the LP from the start date.



What is the meaning of slippage?

Slippage is the difference between the expected price paid for a token and the price of token when the transaction of the order is executed. Due to the volatility of cryptocurrency you will notice the price in the market has fluctuations, which often is dependent on the trading volume and the activity.

BINB has a slippage between 10-14%

BINB has a great setup where we give back to all our investors in “reflection”. What this does is every time there is a transaction on BINB 5% is distributed to all of the investors that are holding BINB in their portfolio. As more transactions are completed you will see the amount of BINB in your personal wallet increase because of the reflection. This all happens without you buying extra BINB tokens! The more you HODL of BINB, the higher number of free extra tokens you will see automatically be deposited in your personal wallets. This is a great reward to all of our BINB holders!

Liquidity pools are complicated to understand for a novice investor. We do have a wallet that we are working on adding liquidity to on a daily basis. Not only are we adding to the pool ourselves, but also when investors are buying our BINB 5% is going directly to our liquidity pool. This is extremely beneficial to all of our investors as they see further growth in their personal financial holdings.

There are so many tokens that are created on a daily basis. BINB wanted to provide reassurance and security to all investors of BINB that we are not thinking short-term! We are always looking at how we can continue BINB token growth. By being able to provide complete services to all of our global users this will ensure complete satisfaction.

Binbucks platform will be providing continued growth to the BINB token by adding, a continuous amount, of 5% of their total earnings to the liquidity pool. This will be securing more token stability and token profits for all of our BINB investors.