Privacy Policy

Our client’s privacy is a matter of great concern for us at BinBucks. Accordingly, the content of the site is developed with the aim to facilitate easy asses to our working procedure regarding collection, communication and the further use of personal information. The below mentioned features completely outlines our privacy policy..

  • We are able to detect the purpose behind the collection of the information from the site and this can be either before or after the collection of personal information.
  • We hold all the rights to retain the information so collected for an indefinite period.
  • Personal data should be relevant in accordance to the necessity of the purpose for which it is used and it should be completely upto date .
  • We keep personal information for security purposes and safeguards it against any kind of loss, theft, copying, modification, use or disclosure.
  • We can make the information available to the customers about the practices and policies pertaining to the managing of personal information.

Hence we at Bin Bucks fully work as per the business principles that comply the proper security of the confidentiality as well as safety of our clients.

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