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Binbucks should not be followed for the below mentioned intentions.

  • No personal information regarding Bank accounts such as passwords and usernames ,list of email addresses , information related to Credit or debit cards should be provided at our end.
  • Inadequate subject matter
  • You can not share our links in task base work to earn money programs.
  • Create multiple accounts. Only one account per person is allowed.
  • Transmit files that contain viruses, spyware, adware, trojans or other harmful code.
  • Use the Service for any illegal or unauthorised purpose including but not limited to copyright content, child pornography, threatening, defaming, stalking, abuse, harassing or violating any person's or entity's legal rights.
  • Bring fake/automated traffic of any kind to your links/paste. This will get your account terminated automatically by our system. Manipulation of our system to gain views is also not allowed.
  • Insertion of web page with the help of JavaScript secreted iFrames
  • Unauthorized links and text directs.
  • Visitors solicitors
  • Direct texts or links alike Binbucks
  • Terrorization and persecution
  • With the aim of cheating or maintaining multiple accounts
  • Purposes which are categorized as illegal by the United States And Netherland authorization online and offline.

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Terms and Conditions of Service

1. Terms

Admission to the website makes you agreeable with the Terms and Conditions of the website, laws and regulations, and makes you liable for fulfillment of local laws wherever applicable. In case of any kind of disagreement you will be denied the complete access of any kind of information and the further use of the website. Information provided by the website is fully protected via trade mark law and copyright.

2. Use License

a. You are allowed to temporarily download a single copy of either a software or the information furnished from Binbucks website in accordance of transitory viewing only. No commercial and public display is allowed. License therefore bans the following applications:

  • i. adapt or duplication of the information;
  • ii. using the information for commercial and non commercial purpose
  • iii. any attempt of reversing software restricted on Binbucks website
  • iv. removal of copyright or proprietary notations from the data provided
  • v. Relocation of materials on any other server or transfer.

b. The license will be terminated in case of any kind of violation from the restrictions that are imposed and the license automatically gets terminated by the Binbucks as soon as such things come into the notice of the owner. Once terminated, you are expected to destroy the entire downloadable materials whether it is in the electronic or in the printed format.

3. Disclaimer

a. The data provided by the Binbucks site holds no warranties, directly or indirectly and hereby deny and cancel out other terms and conditions of merchantability pertaining to fitness, non infringement of rational property or any other violation of terms and conditions. Further, Binbucks does not hold any warranty regarding the accuracy, results or reliability regarding the materials provided on the web portal or any other sites with similar materials or sites thus linked.

4. Limitations

Binbucks suppliers will not be responsible for any kind of damages occurring due to business interruption, any kind of data or profit loss arising due to inability or proper handling of the material on Binbucks internet site. The site does not hold any responsibility for any kind of loss until the authorized Binbucks representative is informed, either in writing or orally of any possible damage. This is because in some cases jurisdictions do not permit limitations on indirect warranties, or in case of incidental damages these limitations are not applied.

5. Revisions and Errata

There might be any technical, photographic or typographical errors in the material provided on Binbucks website. Binbucks holds no warranty to any such kind of matter though we properly look after the accuracy issues and fully maintained it on the site. Binbucks holds every right to change the material enclosed on its site without any prior notice. Binbucks does not commit or uphold any information regarding the gradation of the materials.

6. Links

Binbucks is ignorant to all the similar sites on the net so therefore, it is not responsible for the subject matter of any kind which is related with the linked site. The enclosure of any such link has not obtained any approval from the Binbucks site. Any person using these sites is using it completely at his own risk

7. Site Terms of Use Modifications

At any point of time Binbucks holds every right to change its terms and policies. The usage of this site very well makes you liable to the terms and conditions of the sites.

8. Governing Law

Any discrepancy relating to Binbucks website will be governed by the United States of America laws.

9. Paste Data Collection and Privacy

Any data posted by you is publically visible and will remain there forever.

10. Copyright Limitations

The owners respectively own all the trademarks and copyrights of the site. Moreover, creators own their pastes. From the rest of 2015 - present Binbucks.

11. Acceptable Content

This implies that you agree not to post any links or information which is defamatory; and won’t promote hate, illegal activities or any kind of violence in any country. You will not imitate any real or factitious group or individual, in case of revealing any personal information. You are not allowed to use this site for any illegal purpose as stated by the United States of America laws. Moreover, you will never hold Binbucks responsible for any damage resulted from mishandling of the website. For your acknowledgement, for any specific purpose, there is no guarantee about the suitability of the website. The website holds every right to change its terms and conditions without any prior notification.

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