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BinBucks is Url Shortener And Pastebin Site. Earn Money Online By Creating and Sharing Links on our hassle free platform where multiple kinds of publishing could be easily created. So whether you have a Blog, website, social media stuffs just create links to your content share the links and receive high payouts. .

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Through embedding the link of Binbucks on your website as well as on your blog you can earn more and better. The widgets that are used for embedding helps in making the link sharing very easy and effective. They are done in such a way that you can earn more in a shorter time period .

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We at BinBucks fully understand the importance of online security and privacy hence we provide a safe and secure password to login and also protects from the harmful bots. We also assure to keep the password secure and does not share the password with any of our servers in order to maintain the safety of your account and data.

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Our payment procedure is very simple and you don’t have to wait for long in order to get the payment. At any time of the day you can schedule a payout. We also cover paypal fees so you will receive 100% of your earnings.

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We at Binbucks help you to get to know about your traffic as well as about the audience that you are getting on your portal. We provide you with all the tools needed to enhance your gains.

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We at Bin Bucks is one of the best and most trusted platforms in the online link publishing industry. We are based in the USA in anoka minnesota for over 6 years now we have help thousands of individuals form all walks of life from all around the world earn money from there content and links. With an aim of providing top rates we act as a great pastebin in terms for your links. Our purpose is always to provide you a user friendly experience whenever you visit our site.